Dog of the Week

I am Hook. Yes just like the infamous Captain Hook, arrrh matey! More like whoof whoof but you get the idea!
Let me give you a break down of the usual questions people ask about me.
Age??? I am a very playful 2 year old
Size??? Large about 80 lbs! Yep I am a big beautiful boy.
Coat??? Fuzzy and lots of it! So brushing required. It feels so good that I don’t mind standing still while I get groomed.
Other dogs??? I prefer female companions and large breed like me. I need a playmate my own size who can keep up.
Cats??? Thats a big NO! I don’t like those pesky critters!
Kids??? Since I am so big and toddlers can ride me like a horse pratically teenagers or older in the home for me! I get too excited otherwise!
Hmmm did we miss anything??? Oh fencing! My friends at the shelter said I need a fenced yard to run off my energy and play.
Im pretty outgoing and need lots of exercise or I get bored easily. And someone who can handle my hard headed attitude, you know all the usual Husky characteristics.
Most of all I am loving and looking for my forever home. If you like to meet me contact my friends at Goliad Pet Adoption at 3618942591 or fill out an adoption application at Hope to hear from you soon!

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