Dog of the week

I am a hound dog ooohwoohoooo!! Yep that was me baying into the wind! I am Ireland, a Treeing Walker Coonhound. You can just figure on me being as southern as biscuits and gravy, magnolia trees and sweet tea. Hold up! Did someone say BISCUITS AND GRAVY! I got a real good nose, so I can sniff biscuits and gravy down like nuthin! Yep they say I am known for my sniffer and my way of communicatin, also know as a BAY. Its so my master knows where I am and its my way of speaking, in a LOUD way! Yep no city life for me, I am a hillbilly country gal. I need room to run and a good tall fence, otherwise I get to sniffin, forget how far and long I’ve been sniffin and then I am in the next county ! Did I mention my athletic abilities? I can jump high and run like the wind! I have been lookin for a adopter that can keep up with my talents! Something like this:
WANTED, hound dog lovin, don’t mind my long floppy ears, my good sniffer, my constant talkin and my desire to run the day away! and if ya’ll got other dogs I am a friendly gal as long as your not a feline, ain’t much for cats. They say I am a young whippersnapper, about 2 years old. I can be shy but warm up quickly. I’m loving and looking for my forever home.
If ya’ll reckon you want to put in an adoption application, ya’ll can do it on our website. Just send it on in and my friends will get back with you with all the ins and outs of adopting me. Tell then I will be waitin on ya’ll at the shelter. Don’t keep me waitin to long, us southern girls are inpatient! Transport may be available to other states with approved adoption application.


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