Dog of the Week – 9/23/19

Dulce yep thats my name! It means candy and also sweet like that delicious desert Dulce De Leche! I pretty much live up to my name! I am tiny, sweet and love to be around people. Since I’m so full of sugary sweetness I like to run, play and get my energy out!!! I’m really good on leash because I love walks and going places. I went to market days in Goliad all the people stopped to pet me, it was the best!

They do call me a little Houdini, I think its because I can pretty much climb any fence! I need someone to hang out with that will make sure I don’t get to adventurous and lose my way! And when I’m alone its inside the house safe eating bon bons for me till my owner gets home to love and play with me! Aww what a life that would be.🥰

I’m good with other dogs my size, cats I haven’t been around much. I’m pretty small, only about 3 years old and don’t take up much room. Do you need a bit of sugary sweetness in your life??? Then contact my friends at Goliad Pet Adoption or submit a adoption application here on our website. Hope to hear from you soon so we can start our adventures together!

❤ Dulce 🍭

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