Featured Pet

Urban Cowboy. What a sweetheart! He is one of our special needs dogs although you can't tell by looking. It's what you can't see...the shotgun pellets in his left rear leg and abdomen. Please read about Urban on our virtual shelter page and consider giving him a very special home.

Raise Money. You or your organization can have a fundraise or garage sale and donate the money to Goliad Pet Rescue.

Become a Volunteer. Goliad Pet Adoption relies on volunteers to help care for the animals. If you live in Goliad and would like to help, please do!

Adopt a Pet. For every pet you adopt that's one less in our shelter!

Spay or Neuter your pet! Don't let them have just one litter! "Just one litter" adds up and contributes to the unwanted cats and dogs in shelters and rescues or starving on the streets.