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Urban Cowboy. What a sweetheart! He is one of our special needs dogs although you can't tell by looking. It's what you can't see...the shotgun pellets in his left rear leg and abdomen. Please read about Urban on our virtual shelter page and consider giving him a very special home.

Trainers for Paws in Prison (Lockhart Facility)

  • Hepzibah Hoffman, CPDT,
  • ThunderPaws Dog Training
  • Jay Fortman, CPDT.
  • Lockhart Pet Nanny & Training

Central Texas Partner Agencies

Lockhart Animal Shelter Seguin Animal Shelter Guadalupe County Humane Society

About paws in prison

Paws in Prison is a program that provides a two month intensive basic obedience training for selected shelter/rescue dogs. Through this program, we know that we are not only changing the lives of our dogs, but we are also changing the lives of people. We are proud to be participating in the Paws in Prison (Cell Dog) Program at a Womens facility in Lockhart, Texas.

By providing an outlet for these women we will enable them to build their self-esteem, learn to trust, work together as a team and for some, it may be the first time in their lives they have received unconditional love. As a dog lover, you know firsthand the effect that can have on a human€™s physical, emotional and mental state.

Each of the handlers are very devoted to doing the best job they can to train their dogs. They take it very personal if "their" dog is not adopted by graduation.

AKC Canine Good Citizen

The professional trainers (which volunteer their time) recently introduced the AKC Canine Good Citizen training in to the program. Of the 15 dogs that participated in the first class, 5 of the 15 graduated with the AKC CGC title. We are working our way to 100%.

Adopting a Paws in Prison Dog

We have a website devoted strictly to the Paws in Prison Dogs.

All of the dog's pictures and bios will be posted on the Paws in Prison website only. All Paws in Prison adoption applications are to be submitted through the Paws in Prison website.

Since there are several rescues/shelters participating in the Paws in Prison Program throughout the state, we feel this will be more beneficial to all partner agencies to have one application for the program. Depending on which dog you want to adopt, an area coordinator will be your contact person and that person that will guide you through the process of adopting a Paws in Prison dog.

Play Yard

Because of a generous donation from one of our most dedicated supporters of this program, along with the support of the terrific warden at the prison, we have been able to build a three area play yard for the dogs. This is a huge thing for the dogs! Before, they were never allowed off leash except in the confines of their cell but now they will have off-leash time each day to run and play just as dogs should and need to do.

Agility Equipment

This program would not be possible without the Central Region K9 Program Manager. She works tirelessly and does an amazing job running the Paws in Prison program in Central Texas and also in two other locations in Texas (see the Paws in Prison website for other locations). Thanks to her generous donation of the materials and a great friend, we have three new pieces of agility equipment! Not all of the dogs may excel in the sport, but all will be exposed to it and see if maybe they turn out to be a future champion. We are thrilled that the dogs have another opportunity to exercise and use their special talents to be the best dogs they can be.

So as you can see, the Paws in Prison program is growing in leaps and bounds because of the dedicated work of many people and the help and support of those that adopt a Paws in Prison Dog.