Goliad Pet Adoption is a 501-c-3 non-profit, no-kill, private shelter located in Goliad TX

Goliad Pet Adoption began in 2001. We have a small dedicated group of volunteers that help with adoption, rescue, fundraising, daily care, maintenance of the animals in our care and the shelter. We assist the City of Goliad that has a very small animal shelter, in accessing temperment, scanning for microchips and attempting to find owner(s) If animals are not claimed in a timely manner, we try to find room in our own shelter but if we can't we then try to find rescue groups or other no-kill shelters for them.Goliad County has no animal control. We attempt to fill the void as best we can.

Our goals for the future include a new Shelter facility, having a curriculum in the local school system teaching responsible, caring pet ownership, humane treatment of all animals, the importance of animals in our society and to respect ALL life. Educating the public on the NECESSITY of spaying/neutering and life long care of pets.

Giving a voice to animals is what began Goliad Pet Adoption and that is what will keep us going, through the good times and the bad.